Souvenir Sunday: maps

On Sunday here at, we take a look at the fun, inexpensive things you can buy at airports. Things that I find and things that you find.

This week, a few items I wish we could find at airports…

First up, playing cards with maps on them.

On the Muji website I found snazzy-looking map-themed playing cards – London, Paris and Tokyo.

Probably not useful for making your way through a city, but entertaining and easy to pack.

These Crumpled City maps, found on the Palomar site, though would be totally useful.

They are soft, indestructible and invite being crumpled. And they come in a bag.

Available cities: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Chicago, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Florence, Hamburg, Helsinki, Lisbon, London, Milan, New York, New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown), Oslo, Paris, Rome, San Francisco, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, Venice

I want them all!

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