A “moment of tranquility” before the phone rings

Air France-KLM is currently testing in-flight mobile phone services on some European routes. Today the European Union (EU) announced that other airlines may offer the service as well – as long as they comply with licensing and equipment regulations and keep a lid on the cost of those high-flying calls.

Still, uh, up in the air, is the issue of in-flight phone etiquette. If the price is right, plenty of travelers will want to use the service, although one EU spokesman hopes that “some people will still use the aircraft as a moment of tranquility and not disturb other passengers.”

And who will regulate that?

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One thought on “A “moment of tranquility” before the phone rings

  1. Yentakvethc says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but the last thing I want is people talking on the phone on airplanes when I am trying to sleep or read. Keep the rules as they are or charge them plenty for an airline connection. I wouldn’t mind a plug by my seat for a computer, Kindle or Smartphone (in airplane mode) but leave the phone calls to when you arrive.

    There is much to be said for being disconnected.

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