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How to get a piece of the PDX carpet

2_PDX_Foot-forward selfies with the PDX carpet are very popular at Portland Int'l Airport

Want a piece of the world’s most famous airport carpet?

Now’s your chance.

The 30-year old green, blue and pink carpeting in the terminals at Portland International Airport became an iconic symbol of home celebrated on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Now, to the chagrin of hipsters in the hippest of cities, the PDX carpet is being replaced.

Souvenirs mimicking the rug’s criss-cross runway pattern exist on everything from socks, caps and water bottles to tote bags, sneakers and bike helmets.

But because there’s nothing like the real thing – and because so many PDX carpet fans and creative entrepreneurs want pieces of the real rug the airport is replacing – PDX officials decided to take applications and choose a few groups that would be awarded 1,000 square-yard carpets sections to use for creative re-purposing projects.

Four local organizations were chosen from an applicant pool of 32 and they will each get their coveted cache of carpet sometime in May.

City Liquidators plans to make welcome mats and rugs out of the portion of the PDX carpet it receives.

Carpet Mill Outlet will make large sections of its PDX carpet allotment available for installation and create bound area rugs with the rest.

Sling Chair 'in the works' at The PDX Project

The PDX Project hopes to make area rugs, door mats, sling chairs (above), and cat accessories.

And , is taking pre-orders for products that include pieces of the carpet bound and unbound, coasters and sections of carpet suitable for framing.

Souvenir Sunday at George Bush Intercontinental Airport

iah hello kitt longhorns_edited

It’s Souvenir Sunday – the day Stuck at the Airport takes a look at the fun, inexpensive and locally-themed treasures you can find when you’re stuck at the airport.

This week’s treat comes from George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH), where we spotted this Hello Kitty doll wearing a cute little Texas Longhorns t-shirt.

The only thing cuter was this t-shirt designed for real dolls:


Souvenir Sunday at Phoenix Sky Harbor Int’l Airport

PHX cat figures

It’s Souvenir Sunday – a day to take a look at the fun, inexpensive and locally-themed items you can pick up when you’re Stuck at the Airport.

This week’s picks come from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, where the Cactus Candy seemed far easier to carry than the potted cactus.

PHX - cactus candy

PHX Cactus

But even better than cactus or cactus candy were these additions we found for our growing list of locally-themed animal ‘poop’ candy:

PHX Scorpion scat

PHX Rattlesnake Droppings

PHX javelina droppings

Sleepless in Seattle vs. Fifty Shades of Grey

What becomes a classic?

The 1993 move Sleepless in Seattle was a big hit. So big that, even at $31.99, Sleepless in Seattle nightshirts are still a big seller at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Sleepless in Seattle

So, twenty years from now, will Fifty Shades of Grey souvenirs still be front and center at airport gift shops? I doubt it – but we’ll see….

50 Shades of Grey

Souvenir Sunday: bags made of Southwest Airlines seats

Southwest Airlines duffle

When Southwest Airlines did a cabin design that included, among other things, 80,000 lighter seats, they were left with 43 acres of leftover leather.

That leather ended up in Portland, Oregon with Looptworks, a company that takes high-quality excess material and upcycles it into limited edition, high-quality goods.

In this case, Looptworks has taken the leather from those old Southwest Airlines seats and turned it into a line of fashionable and functional bags that include a convertible tote ($150), a duffle ($225) and a backpack ($250). In addition to keeping the leather out of the garbage, the company partnered with a non-profit to employ disabled adults to deconstruct and clean the repurposed material.

Southwest LUV SEAT

The duffle and the tote are available on a 4 week turnaround time and Looptwork is about to launch the backpack and a toiletry bag.

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