Terracotta Warriors

Airline, airport monitor unique Chinese passenger

Imagine seeing this at San Francisco International Airport:


To promote the Terracotta Warriors exhibit at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, an actor dressed like a warrior had been “lost” in the Bay Area and the community’s help was sought in finding him.

Now that the exhibit is over, it was time for the lost warrior – and the ten life-size terracotta figures from the army of over 7,000 figures that guarded the tomb of a Chinese emperor- to go home to Xi’an, China.

As part of the send-off for the figures, on Friday Cathay Pacific, the airport and the museum live tweeted photos of the journey of the Lost Warrior as he arrived at the airport, checked-in for his flight, checked out some of the SFO Museum exhibits, waited at the gate and settled into his Premium Economy seat.


SFO Warrior on plane

They even made a Vine video of the warrior hanging out in the Cathay Pacific lounge.

Thanks to the SFO Museum, Cathay Pacific, SFO Airport and the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco for sharing the images of a fun and very creative send-off at the airport.