shot glasses

Souvenir Sunday: San Francisco Int’l Airport

Happy Souvenir Sunday!

When I’m stuck at the airport, I poke around for fun “of that city” souvenirs.

My rules:

1. No shot glasses or t-shirts.
2. Cost: less than $10.
3.  Nothing generic or simply stamped with the city name. (See rule 1).

So while these Alcatraz shot-glasses with the escaping prisoner were sort of cute, I had to pass them by.


Ditto with “The Governator” t-shirt.


I’d thought I’d hit pay dirt with the Scharffen Berger candy bars, but it seems that this locally-grown company is now owned by Hershey and the chocolates are now being made in ….Illinois.


So, I had to fall back on an old, but tasty, standard: sourdough bread.


Found a great airport souvenir?  Let me know: maybe I’ll feature your find on a future  Souvenir Sunday!