Billings Airport

4th of July – in airports


Billings Logan International Airport subscriber Katie Jackson got to spend the 4th of July holiday with her family in Montana. She didn’t send in any “Souvenir Sunday” snapshots, but she did send in a “my day in airports” report:

The first airport, LWT (Lewistown Municipal Airport, Montana) is my hometown airport and was the most entertaining. I think they have four seats in their airport & the process took so long that my grandpa who was dropping me off fell asleep in one.

As the only passenger for the morning (seriously—I was the only one on a 19-seater plane)  I had three security/TSA’s devoted to scanning my luggage and patting me down. …The fact that the head TSA had worked for my parents for twenty years didn’t get me past security with a cup of coffee. They are that strict!

I can’t complain about the person sitting next to me as there were none. Nor can I complain about being stuck in a middle or aisle seat as they were all window seats. I could hear the pilots joking about IFR (stands for “I Follow River/Road)—but they got me to Billings (BIL) safely so I can’t complain about that either.

The airport itself was nice although I think it’s a crime to sell things like HoneyBuns in vending machines. I ended the day in LGA—[New York’s LaGuardia Airport] but was not half as amused as I was starting it in LWT.

Thanks, Katie!