Souvenir Sunday: Scanning new SkyMall Products

Over at the 10Best section of USA TODAY, one of the Readers’ Choice contests going on right now is for Best SkyMall Product for Business Travel.

I’m included on that page as one of the contest’s travel ‘experts,’ so wanted to take a moment to encourage you to go over there and vote, especially because while you’re there you can also register to win a $500 SkyMall gift card in the process.

The SkyMall catalog is that familiar ‘amenity’ found in the seatback pocket on just about any domestic airline flight and it is full of useful, wacky, “Why didn’t I think of that?” and “Who would buy that?” products. I often find myself leafing through it during those very long last 10 minutes of a flight when I’ve put away all my gadgets and am just waiting for the plane to land.

Everyone has their favorite items from the in-flight catalog.

I think the Sippy Wine Glass is a great idea, for example, but not sure I’d actually use it in public. Gift-wise, though, it’s a keeper.

Unfortunately, that wine glass isn’t on the list of 20 product nominees in the current 10Best contest, but here’s an example of some useful ones that are:

I’ve written about and considered buying this portable security door device that seems useful for those hotel stays where the locks just don’t seem that modern or adequate.

Security door

This compact, folding portable footrest is promoted as being being good for circulation, reducing back strain and helping to prevent deep vein thrombosis, but I’d be tempted to tote one because I’m quite short and when seated in some airplane seats, my feet don’t reach the floor.


And I can definitely see the usefulness of the PocketPlug Case that has a built in two-prong charger.

I’ll circle back around before the contest ends to make note of some of the sillier items on the list, but go see the full list, add your vote and don’t forget to register for the $500 gift card.

Would you use this? Tote bag with built in power strip

Genie Red-1

I’ve left enough power cables behind at airports and hotels to be a wee bit curious about the ChargerGenie, a small tote bag with a built-in power strip that has six outlets and 2 USB hubs.

The idea: store and tote your gadgets and charging gear in the bag (which comes in black, red and a pink cheetah pattern) and plug in the power cord built into the bottom of the bag when you’re near an outlet. Then you can charge your gadgets by just plugging them into the bag.

Intrigued? Here’s a link to the ChargerGenie Indiegogo campaign. Let me know if you think you’d use this.