Chicago Midway Airport

Seasonal and H1N1 vaccines back at ORD and Midway airports

Getting ready to head home from a Thanksgiving visit?


If you haven’t gotten a seasonal flu shot or an H1N1 vaccine and are traveling to or through Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport (ORD) or Midway Airport – you’re in luck.


The airport clinic in Terminal 2 operated by the University of Illinois at Chicago and – starting Sunday; stand-alone kiosks in the terminals at ORD and Midway Airports – will be offering arm-shot seasonal flu vaccines and H1N1 flu vaccines in the nasal mist form.

Both the seasonal flu and the H1N1 vaccines have been hard to find, and it’s a good bet this supply won’t last long. So if you have time – make it a point to get vaccinated at the airport.

The kiosks at ORD are in Terminal 1 and Terminal 3; at Midway the kiosk is in the airport’s  concession triangle.  The H1N1 mist costs $25; seasonal flu shots are $35. And, as with clinics across the country, the airport-provided vaccines will not be available to everyone: the clinic will be giving inoculations to those who fall into the federally defined at-risk categories.

For more information call the IUC clinic at: (773) 894- 5100

Porter Airlines arrives at Chicago Midway

Greetings from Toronto, where travelers heading to Montreal, Newark, Chicago – and soon several other U.S. cities – are discovering they can skip the trek out to Toronto Pearson International Airport. Instead, an increasing number of folks are taking the short (really short; three minutes max) free ferry ride to Toronto City Centre Airport (TCCA), located on an island just off downtown Toronto.

TCCA is served by regional carrier Porter Airlines, which offers travelers a free downtown shuttle to the terminal dock, free ferry rides to the terminal, and a bevy of complimentary amenities inside the terminal, including a lounge stocked with free wireless internet access, complimentary coffee/tea/soft drinks, and a business center with multiple workstations.

Passengers are allowed to check two bags for free and in-flight service on the 70-seat turboprop airplanes includes complimentary drinks (including beer and wine), small meals and/or snacks.

In addition to a variety of Canadian destinations, Porter serves Newark Liberty International Airport and, as of this past Wednesday (Nov 12) Chicago’s Midway International Airport. They have plans to expand to other U.S. cities, so stay tuned.

It’s all very put together. Right down to the pillbox hats worn by the female flight attendants, whose uniforms were designed by Pink Tartan, a well-known Toronto and New York based fashion brand.

(Photo courtesy: Porter Airlines)

Listen up at Chicago Airports

Next time you travel through O’Hare International Airport, Chicago’s Midway International Airport or the O’Hare Air Transit System (ATS), listen up.

The Department of Aviation just launched a re-vamped overhead music program – Terminal Tunes – that features instrumental versions of songs by blues, jazz, country and classical artists who are either from the Chicago area or record for Chicago-based record labels.

That’s great news. As I wrote in a recent column, there are just a few airports where local music is front and center.

Chicago’s new overhead music program replaces and old one which dated back to the early 1990’s. The new program includes a high-tech twist: artist and album information, audio samples and play list logs will be posted on the Chicago Airport System’s website,

So if you hear a catchy tune while rushing to catch a plane, you can go on-line and track down the music. Soon, you’ll also be able to purchase Terminal Tunes CDs from shops in the airports as well.