Watch where you step at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport

The bad economy is forcing some airports to delay facility upgrade projects and to cancel others altogether. But Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (STL) is just trying to finish a major upgrade to the East Terminal.

Right now they’re rushing to replace 9, 000 square yards of original terminal carpeting in time for the Thanksgiving rush. Look for it between Gates E-2 and E-33, in the passenger waiting areas for Southwest Airlines, USA 3000, Air Choice One and charter flights.

The new carpet is not only ADA-compliant, it’s got a custom design that “mimics the patchwork of crops and fields passengers might see if they were looking down from a plane at 35,000 feet.”

Can you see that???

DFW make-out site gets make-over

The folks at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) are having a party to celebrate the grand reopening of Founders Plaza, an airport landmark and a great airplane viewing spot the Dallas Morning News once called the city’s “Best Place to Make Out.”

The “new and improved” Founders Plaza covers twice the space of the former site and has 24-hour security, shaded pavilions, and a sound system that will allow visitors to hear the airport’s air traffic controllers direct the aircraft that will to takeoff or land right over the Plaza.

(Illustration courtesy DFW)

The party begins September 17th at 10 am and will include a parade, a cookout, and a concert by Olympic gold-medalist-turned-singer Carly Patterson.

Have you been to Founder’s Plaza? The airport is asking visitors and fans of the Plaza to send in memories and photographs that can posted on its Web site.

Extreme Makeover: the airport edition

Miami International Airport (MIA) needs help figuring out what to do with 36-acres of real estate. So investors, developers, and entrepreneurs are being invited to submit ideas for how to make over the area around the main entrance of the airport, which is known as Central Boulevard.

This is prime real-estate: “Ninety-six percent of the visitors to Miami – eight million people annually – arrive at MIA, and they all exit the airport on Central Boulevard,” said Miami-Dade Aviation Director José Abreu.

What does the airport have in mind? Amenities such as a conference center, a hotel, a retail and office complex, and a service plaza with a convenience store, gas station and dry cleaners. And maybe one of those pet resorts that seem to be popping up at so many other airports these days.

My ideas: A gym with an outdoor swimming pool, a bowling alley, or a really cool miniature golf course

Not into building something brand new? The airport also needs help figuring out what to do with the 252-room in-terminal MIA Hotel.

You have until October 15 to send in your proposals. Here’s a link for more information.

Take a seat – or 6,000 – at Oakland Int’l Airport

If you have fond memories of hanging around Oakland International Airport (OAK) and are affiliated with a non-profit in the Bay Area that could use some “gently used” chairs from the 1980’s, get in touch with the folks at the Port of Oakland.

The airport recently completed a $300 million makeover that included the extension and renovation of Terminal 2 and the replacement of more than 6,000 chairs in Terminals 1 and 2.

Some of the old chairs are going to be showing up in the recreation rooms at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland – but the rest are up for grabs.

Photo courtesy Oakland International Airport