Power Outlets

Quebec City: new terminal for 400 year-old city

Quebec City turns 400 this year and this Friday, just in time for summer festivities, the city plans to open a brand new terminal at the Jean Lessage International Airport.

I had a chance to visit the terminal a few weeks back as finishing touches were being put on the baggage system and gate areas and it really looks lovely. It’s bright and airy and full of amenities travelers are sure to appreciate.

For example, in addition to a children’s play area and free wireless Internet access, there are plenty of well-marked and easy-to-get-to power outlets. Those white power plug graphics on the chair backs tell you that the seat is “hot.”


The Duke would approve

Some welcome and useful improvements at Orange County’s John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Santa Ana, California:

Travelers with laptops, cell phones and other electronic devices will be pleased to find that power outlets have been conveniently placed between the seat backs at Gates 2 – 14.


(Photo courtesy John Wayne Airport)

The airport is also proud of its restroom renovations. The Terminal B restrooms (across from Gate 4) have already re-opened. Restrooms in Terminal A (across from Gate 11) will re-open this summer.

SNA’s lavatories aren’t just new, they’re “environmentally responsible,” with low-flush toilets and “Zurn urinals that use only one-eighth of a gallon of water – well under the federal standard of 1 gallon maximum per flush.”