Fresh art at Los Angeles Int’l Airport


A new temporary, site-specific art installation at LAX’s Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) titled “Transfiguration,” is by LA artist Erika Lizee.

According to a statement about the new installation, the work “explores the idea of a hidden and undefined world existing beyond the visible realm.”

The statement goes on to explain that in the work, trompe l’oeil and sculptural paintings of mysterious and abstract shapes suggest the wall’s surface has been peeled back to reveal a magical otherworld. Hazy cloud-like tendrils and delicate lavender flowers sculpted from Duralar, a translucent film, seem to waft from the wall into the physical realm of the viewer.”

Impressive as it looks, only some connecting travelers will get to see the work up close, as it is installed in the Customs Hallway, Arrivals Level, through mid-February 2017.

So here’s a closer view:


And here’s a link to other art installations at LAX.

Photos courtesy Panic Studio LA

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