Airport amenity of the week: ORD Shoe Hospital

Perhaps you’ve seen this sign at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport:


Well, it turns out that the O’Hare Shoe Hospital in Terminal 2 at ORD does more than just fix broken heels, sell shoelaces (lots of them) and shine shoes. When I stopped by on Monday and chatted with John Rojas, whose family runs the shoe hospital, I noticed a suitcase on the shelf with the shoes.

Rojas said a passenger had asked the shoe hospital to fix the wheels on the suitcase. “We do that fairly often,” he said. “We also stitch up leather bags and shine belts and put extra holes in them,” said Rojas, “If people need us to mail their shoes home, we’ll do that. And it should probably say zipper hospital out there as well.”

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