Prize patrol: St. Petersburg and the world

File this under: you can’t win if you don’t play.

Was “travel more” on your list of resolutions for 2011?

Then here are a few contests you might enter to help get you started.

You have until January 25, 2011 to enter KLM’s Meet and Greet Armin in St. Petersburg contest. (Who’s Armin? Armin Van Buuren, a popular Dutch music producer and DJ.)

The prize includes airfare for two people to St. Petersburg from any KLM, Air France or Delta Air Lines destination; concert tickets, a three day hotel stay, a Samsung PL100 camera, a car rental and other treats.

And you have until February 3, 2011 to help Expedia come up with a new name for its vacation packages. The winner gets a vacation package (or whatever the new name for this turns out to be) worth up to $10,000.

Expedia is going to choose ten finalists and then let Facebook fans vote for a winner. The second-place winner will get a $500 Expedia credit. And it looks like people who vote will have a chance to win $250 in travel credits. Here’s where to get started with Expedia’s You Name it Contest and Sweepstakes.

And, it’s not really a contest, but while the topic is prizes… Don’t forget that here at I send out prizes (actually, just small thank-you gifts) to readers whose photos appear in the Souvenir Sunday feature.

The best Souvenir Sunday items are souvenirs you find for sale at airports that are “of” the city or region, inexpensive (around $10) and, most of all, somewhat offbeat.

Good luck!

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