Mister Rogers back at Pittsburgh Int’l Airport

After a six-month vacation, the Mister Rogers exhibit at Pittsburgh International Airport is back in place at Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT).


Repaired, refurbished and now technologically up-to-date, the exhibit still includes one of Mister  Rogers’ signature sweaters, his sneakers, a miniature Neighborhood of Make Believe and clay models of the show’s characters, including King Friday and Henrietta Pussycat.

But now the exhibit also includes updated graphics and a video about the public television show, which was originally taped in Pittsburgh.

David Newell, better known as Mr. McFeely or “Speedy McFeely,” the postman on the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood show, told me the exhibit is back just in time: Mister Rogers’ birthday is coming up and so is Sweater Day, March 20th.  On that day everyone is encouraged to wear a sweater – especially if they’re going to the airport.


You can see the refreshed Mr. Rogers’ exhibit on Concourse C at Pittsburgh International Airport, next to a children’s play area. Of course.

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