Why Stuck at the Airport?

If you’ve ever been stuck at an airport, then this site about airports and airport amenities is for you.

Here’s why it exists:

I once spent eight hours at a small east coast airport waiting for a flight home to Seattle. I read the newspaper, finished a book, ate old vending machine food, and inspected the three model airplanes displayed in the lobby – twice.

Eventually I noticed a tiny green sign with a faded arrow and the even fainter words, “Obs. Deck” on it. I followed the arrow, pushed opened a heavy door, and entered a large room with leather chairs and a great view onto the airfield and the surrounding countryside.

Right there I decided there needed to be a guide to airports and airport amenities. So I began visiting airports in search of observation decks, art and cultural exhibits, restaurants with creative menus, shops with gift-worthy inventory, and places where travelers could take naps, take care of business, or just get some fresh air.

A lot of what I found ended up in a book titled Stuck at the Airport that was published in 2001, just eight weeks before the events of 9/11. After that, airports and air travel changed so much and so fast that it just made sense to use the Internet to share this information.

For seven years I profiled airports for Expedia.com. Now I write a monthly column about airports for USATODAY.com and maintain 50 airport guides for them. I also write about airports, air travel and a wide range of other travel-related items for msnbc.com, Bing Travel and a variety of other outlets.

StuckatTheAirport.com is a growing list of airport profiles and news and notes about airports and airport amenities you’ll be glad to know about the next time you find yourself stuck at the airport.

Harriet Baskas


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