Heathrow Airport

Heathrow’s back with (adorable) Mr. & Mrs. Bair

Set to a Petula Clark song, this promotional video from Heathrow Airport tells the story of Doris and Edward Bair and builds on the sweet meeting story that began in a video the airport put out last Christmas.

Both are charming. And both may make you tear up a little.


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Fun, fast facts about London Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport, The Beatles depart from Heathrow on their American tour. August 13, 1965.  Courtesy Heathrow Airport

Next time you’ve got some time to spend at London’s Heathrow Airport, take a moment to read some of the commemorative signs the airport posted to mark its 70th birthday in May, 2016.

There are 70 of factoid-filled signs throughout the terminals, marking everything from where the The Beatles were met by screaming fans (repeatedly) in the 1960s to where film scenes were shot and where the Concorde last landed at Heathow in 2003.

You’ll find a list of the contents and locations of all the signs in Terminal 2, Terminal 3, Terminal 4 and Terminal 5 on the Heathrow website.

The copy on the signs ranges from cute and corny to cheeky.

In Terminal 2 departures, one sign marks the spot where actor and pilot John Travolta landed his Boeing-707 in 2002. “He had recently completed his flight training. Fact, not pulp fiction,” the sign notes.

In Terminal 4 departures is  the spot from where Muhammad Ali flew, “like a butterfly,”  in 1974 to fight George Foreman in The Rumble in the Jungle.

And in Terminal 3, a sign notes the spots where the opening sequence in the film “Love Actually” was filmed.  “Think of here whenever you feel gloomy,” Heathrow advises..

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Heathrow’s photographer snapped them all

London’s Heathrow Airport is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year and digging into the archives for some treasures and special stories.

This is one about “the Godfather of Heathrow” – 84-year-old Dennis Stone – who has been a photographer at the airport for 70 years, starting work at age 14.

Heahtrow Dennis Stone then

Over the years, Stone has snapped it all, including the visits of a dozens of celebrities, including including Frank Sinatra, Goldie Hawn, Princess Diana and the Beatles. Here’s a video about Stone’s time at the airport and some of the great photos he took.

Liz Taylor at Heathrow Airport

Liz Taylor at Heathrow Airport

Clint Eastwood at Heathrow Airport

Clint Eastwood at Heathrow Airport


Heathrow - BRAD PITT

Heathrow also has a website set up to gather stories about the airport, with a wide assortment of prizes for the best stories, including trips from London to Sydney, Australia with Qantas.

More free Wi-Fi at London Heathrow

WIFI logo

Last time I visited Heathrow Airport there was a short time limit on the free WiFi. Now it looks like that limit has been broadened to a more useful chunk of time.

According to the Heathrow website those who register to use the Wi-Fi service will get four free Wi-Fi hours.

Want more – and faster – Wi-Fi at Heathrow? Join their Heathrow Rewards shopping program – it’s free – and you’ll get four more free hours.

Pucker up for Heathrow’s lipstick festival

The Statue of Liperty: As part of its new month-long festival of lipstick Heathrow has today unveiled a two-storey replica of the Statue of Liberty in Terminal 5 made using classic red lipstick - the most popular lipstick shade currently being worn by New Yorkers and Big Apple bound passengers. T

A lot of lipstick is sold at Heathrow Airport shops and that’s reason enough to have a Lipstick Festival and reason enough to commission the creation of the 20-foot-tall “Statue of Liperty” that will be on view at Terminal 5 for the next month. The statue, created by a team of make-up artist and sculptors, sits on a base that resembles a giant lipstick case and is made from classic red lipstick, which is the most popular lipstick shade being worn by New Yorkers and New York-bound passengers, according Heathrow’s airport’s annual report on lipstick shades being worn in cities around the world.


As part of lipstick celebration, the airport also commissioned British micro-artist Hedley Wiggan to create Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and other landmarks from regular-size lipsticks, using what the lipstick report identified as the year’s most popular colors for each city:

· New York – Bright Red shade

· London – Caramel Nude shade

· Paris – Dusky Rose shade

· Shanghai – Sheer Coral shade

· Dubai – Rose Pink shade

If all this talk of lipstick has you wanting a fresh look – or a nice gift for a friend – check out Heathrow’s Facebook page or follow the airport on Twitter (@HeathrowAirport). They’re giving away a lipstick a day for the next two weeks. All entries will also be eligible for a ‘get the look’ beauty pack.