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Heathrow Airport’s Pride flag made of 6,000 kisses

Photo courtesy Heathrow Airport.

To celebrate Pride London, Heathrow Airport commissioned a unique version of the iconic rainbow flag: this one is made entirely of colored kisses planted by 6,000 international passengers.

The flag started coming to life in Terminal 2 on 1st July, in the departures area, where passengers were invited to stamp their kiss in a choice of vibrant red, orange, yellow, green, blue or purple lipstick, onto the blank canvas. After the passsengers donated kisses, airport staff added more as the flag made its took a tour of the control tower, fire station and BA Crew Centre, before being sealed and placed on the flag pole.

Here’s a video Heathrow shared about the making of the flag, which will be flown over Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal until the end of July.


Airport Amenity alert: Beer taps at your table at MKE Airport


I thought I had dreamed this one up…but it’s for real.

At General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin there’s a bar with beer taps right at the table.

Thirsty? The are two high-top tables with built-in taps at Miller Brewhouse in MKE’s main terminal. To use them, you simply “swipe your credit card & pour,” says an airport spokesperson.

Airport amenity of the week: coat check


Amelia Earhart’s buffalo coat – courtesy Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

When you’re flying off somewhere where you won’t need warm weather gear, wouldn’t it be great to be able to leave your heavy coat at the airport and pick it on the way home?

If you’re flying on JetBlue out of JFK’s T5 you now can.

CoatChex has set up a kiosk in the main marketplace area offering a ticketless coat checking service that costs $2 a day or $10 for a full week.

Instead of getting a paper claim ticket that could get lost on a trip, a traveler enters a phone number and their initials into a digital kiosk and then poses for a photo with their coat before handing it over for storage.

To get the coat back after their trip, the traveler keys in the last four of digits of their phone number at the claim desk to bring up the original photo and an ID number that tells the CoatChex staff where to find the coat.

Right now, the CoatChex kiosk at JetBlue’s T5 is in a temporary location, but plans are to have a larger, more centrally located kiosk that can accommodate more items.

JFK is not the first airport to have a coat check service. Frankfurt Airport is offering coat check service for less than a dollar a day through the end of April and for several winters Korean Air has been offering five complimentary days of coat storage to passengers flying out of Incheon International Airport in Seoul, South Korea.

Automatic banner-making machine at Schiphol Airport

They’ve done it again… Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has rolled out a cool new amenity: an automatic banner-making machine called the BannerXpress.

Now there’s no need to fuss and muss with poster board and magic markers in order to make a sign to welcome home a friend or family member at the airport. Instead, you can just slide your credit card into the banner-making machine and it will do it for you, in a variety of sizes, with a choice of backgrounds and themes and, of course, your neatly printed message.

Schiphol is the first airport to have the machine on-site, but no doubt similar machines will pop up at other airports momentarily.