Fresh art at PHL Airport

Fresh art at Philadelphia International Airport.

The moving walkway is now ending…

Moving walkways. We use them at airports. But what do we know about their history and the technology that makes them work? I’m finding out.

Delta & UCLA partner up; celebrate with marching band

Delta Air Lines celebrated being named the official airline of UCLA with a marching band at LAX Terminal 5.

Beer garden returns to Denver International Airport

If you like beer and are traveling through Denver International Airport September 30 through October 10, check out the temporary “Beer Flights” beer garden outside on the plaza.

Airlines earn loads from the extras

A report detailing the gobs of revenue airlines earn from charges for those little extras is outlined in a new report.

Fresh art at Los Angeles Int’l Airport

Fresh art at Los Angeles International Airport

Here’s a fun thing to do at the airport: be an angel.

Travel Tidbits: mariachi, dirndls & free cheeseburgers

Travel Tidbits: Free cheeseburgers on some Delta flights; mariachi music for travelers to the Las Vegas airport and dirndls on Lufthansa.

Party at Pittsburgh Int’l Airport

Pittsburgh International Airport is have a party this week with different music, art, cultural activities – and some free food.

Sea-Tac Airport’s north satellite makeover

Design images and details for the make-over of the North Satellite at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport are out. And it looks ‘northwest-swanky’.

Fresh art for the Las Vegas Airport

Next time you land in Las Vegas, check out the cool mosaic in the terrazzo flooring in Terminal 1 baggage claim at McCarran Int’l Airport.

Souvenirs for the intern

Thanks to KLM/Air France for sending this box of goodies off to the intern.

9/11 Memorial at Boston Logan Airport

Mark the anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy in New York City with an in-person or online visit to the moving 9/11 Memorial at Boston Logan International Airport.

“Sully” the movie: a view and a review

Christine Negroni, author of the soon-to-be-published book, Crash Detectives, and Patrick Smith, of Ask the Pilot, share thoughts on the new “Sully” movie.

Cute new commercial from Alaska Airlines

A cute new commercial from Alaska Airlines feature Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson doing ‘millions’ of pull ups.