Salad-dispensing vending machine at O’Hare Airport

Spotted at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport: a salad-vending machine! We’re making this the airport amenity of the week.

Elves at airports

Keep an eye out for elves bearing gifts at major U.S. airports

Now: fly commercial to Havana

Finally – flights between the United States and Havana have begun.

Cyber Monday flight deals

Virgin America’s Cyber Monday deals are good for people – and pooches.

Souvenir Sunday: Open House at PIT Airport

Pittsburgh International Airport is having a Holiday Open House and inviting non-fliers in past security so they can shop at the airport.

Cyber Monday airline deals to check out

Several airlines have Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals under way.

Airport loos land top spot in America’s Best Restroom contest

Can you guess which airport took first place this year in the contest to choose America’s Best Restroom?

Go skating at Denver and Munich Airports

Here’s a great way to spend your time at the airport: go ice-skating. Both Denver International Airport and Munich Airport have free ice-skating rinks this year.

Airports take the Mannequin Challenge – & rock it!

Airports are joining the wacky Mannequin Challenge. Check out a few of the videos posted so far. I bet there will be more.

Free meals for military at airports over Thanksgiving week

In what has become a holiday tradition, Paradies Lagardère, which operates many retail and restaurant outlets in North American airports, will be offering active or retired military a free meal during the week of Thanksgiving ( Sunday, November 20, through Sunday, November 27 ) in almost 50 airport restaurants as part of the Treat our Troops program.

Amex offering free Uber rides from 11 airports

Here’s a great perk for travelers who need a ride from the airport this holiday season. Uber is partnering with American Express to give card members 2 free rides home

Flying on wood chips? Done!

Fossil fuels won’t last forever. So airlines are trying out alternative biofuels made from solid-waste, used cooking oil, non-edible corn and wood.

Groovy sounds in Detroit Metro Airport Tunnel

Just in time for the Thanksgiving travel week – Detroit Metro Airport has added a Motown music soundtrack to its cool underground light tunnel.