Souvenir Sunday: cool hotel key cards

For Souvenir Sunday this week: two cool hotel key cards getting added to the collection.

Zika virus & business travel policies

Companies and businesses are trying to figure out their policies on business travel and the Zika virus

JetBlue’s Rube Goldberg winning machine

JetBlue has set up a Rube Goldberg-style contraption on New York’s Lower East Side that is giving passersby a chance to win a trip to Palm Springs.

Denver Airport Super Bowl ready

Denver Airport is Super Bowl ready with a special lounge, a puppy bowl and orange-themed giveaways.

Free Uber rides for some Chicago travelers

Uber riders in Chicago – even at the airport – have a chance to get free rides on Wednesday mornings during February.

Fresh art at Phoenix Airport

A new exhibit at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport features ‘pop-art pottery’ by Susan Folwell.

Canada lures travelers with low Loonie

The dip in the Canadian Loonie is creating great deals for travelers from the United States.

Those free snacks on United

Free snacks for economy class passengers on domestic and Latin American flights. Yay!

New safety video for Qantas

Check out the new in-flight safety video put together by Qantas featuring citizen Australians talking passengers through on-board safety instructions.

Guns – and goofy stuff – at airport checkpoints

My At the Airport column on USA TODAY for January 2016 takes a look at TSA’s 2015 Year in Review and the record number of guns found at airport checkpoints.

Batman v. Superman – the airplane

The movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, doesn’t come out until March, but there’s already a Turkish Airlines plane wrapped for the occasion.

What to do if you’re stuck at the airport

Airlines will try to get their planes back in the air on Monday, but many people will still find themselves stuck at the airport. If you’re one of them, here are two things to do.

Vintage purses on display at SFO Museum

A new exhibition offered by the SFO Museum at San Francisco International Airport features exquisite vintage purses and bags that will have your rethinking how you carry around your daily essentials.

Blizzard brings #AirportSnowdown

With airlines canceling thousands of flights due to the blizzard, many airports are pretty empty. So they’ve started an #AirportSnowdown.