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Spin the wheel, win prizes at PIT Airport

Thursday, April 17, is Customer Appreciation Day at Pittsburgh International Airport and that means prizes, free cookies, live music and discounts deals in the stores.


German band Mädel Jäger will provide the live music and from 11 am to 3 pm, airport visitors will have a chance to spin a wheel for one of the prizes donated by shops and restaurants throughout the airport.

To add an extra dollop of appreciation, the airport will be asking for donations (of any amount) for each spin of the prize wheel, with the funds going to the Serve-A-Soldier Program, which gives active service personnel a $10 AIRMALL gift card for a meal at the airport before flying out.

More details here.

Thanks for the car ride, United.

I felt like an imposter.

I’d been upgraded on my flight home from a press event in London to tour the new Star Alliance Terminal 2 at Heathrow – and United’s new lounges there – and, unbeknownst to me, someone at United had added the Global Services code to my reservation.

That program is invitation-only and offers upper echelon travelers special treatment and services. And while I’m special, of course (my mother taught me that…) and old enough now to have flown on enough purchased tickets on United to get million mile status, I’m certainly not permanent Global Services program material.

But, I can see the appeal.

A Global Services rep with my name on a sign met our flight when it arrived in San Francisco.

“Am I in trouble?” I asked. (“Someone’s dead,” I thought)

“Certainly not,” she said. “I’m here to greet you as a Global Services customer and get you to your next flight. We have a car waiting.”

I tried to tell her I really wasn’t a Global Services customer, but she was having none of that.

So I went along with the fairy godmother service and got escorted through several lines, out a door leading to the tarmac and into the back seat of an SUV – a Mercedes-Benz SUV – that drove on the tarmac to take me to the connecting terminal for my flight home to Seattle.

Along the way, I learned that United started this Global Services perk a few weeks ago in San Francisco after rolling it out in Chicago, Houston and Newark Liberty Airport and that usually the ride is offered to Global Services customers with very close connections.

I had about a hour between my flights so wasn’t feeling stressed about getting from one terminal to another, but if the flights were tight (and I was used to being treated special) I can see how this service would endear an airline to a high-value customer a bit more than, say, a free drink or a personalized luggage tag.

So I did enjoy the ride and – just like a real Global Services customer, my escort assured me – I did get my picture taken with the car there on the tarmac.

United car service

Monkey spotted at Reno Airport + SFO Contest

Monkey spotted at Reno-Tahoe International Airport


About 80 kids and their parents showed up at Reno-Tahoe International Airport on Wednesday for activities in celebration of International Children’s Book Day. (The holiday takes place each year around Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday, which is April 2.)

Everyone listened to an airport fire captain and a police sergeant read Curious George books, learned a little about fire safety, did some dancing, visited with the airport therapy dogs and had some snacks.

Sounds like a great event for an airport!

Fly Irish from SFO contest


San Francisco International Airport (SFO) now has non-stop service to Dublin via Aer Lingus and is celebrating with a sweepstakes on Facebook.

The “Fly Irish from SFO!” sweepstakes asks participants to vote for one of 17 cities in the Aer Lingus network they would most like to visit. Entries will go into a random drawing and one winner will be awarded two round-trip Economy Class tickets on Aer Lingus to the destination they voted for.

Deadline for entry: April 11, 2014.

Good luck!

More April 1 treats from WestJet & Virgin America

Lots of airline “news” today, April 1:

From Virgin America and Nest comes news of “personalized climate control” for passengers.

And from WestJet, the announcement that they’ll be changing their flight schedule over from a.m. & p.m. times to metric. Just to make things easier.

Area 51 items at the Museum of Flight – maybe

Area 51 warning sign

Area 51 Warning Sign -

Seattle’s Museum of Flight, which brought us an exhibit of Wonder Woman’s invisible plane just about this time last year, has cooked up another special exhibit set to open on April 1.

Due to the heavily redacted press release, it’s difficult to tell exactly what will be on display, but it appears that some never-before-seen items relating to Area 51 just might be on view.

Or not.

Museum of Flight Area 51

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