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Now it’s all about Santa’s trip

SANTA fruit label

Now that all that turkey business is over with, it’s time to start watching the skies for Santa.

NORAD – the North American Aerospace Defense Command – is already on the job with its NORAD Tracks Santa website, which has a holiday countdown, games, activities, Santa data and more in eight languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Chinese.

Leaving no Santa-tracking stone unturned, NORAD is also tracking Santa with apps in the Windows, Apple and Google Play stores, on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+.

Why does NORAD track Santa?

The story goes that in 1955 a Colorado Springs-based Sears Roebuck & Co. advertisement misprinted the telephone number for children to call Santa. The phone number put kids through to the desk of the Continental Air Defense Command (NORAD’s predecessor) Commander-in-Chief instead and that man, Colonel Harry Shoup, played along and gave kids updates on Santa’s progress.

A tradition was born and now, using the internet and a team of volunteer elves, the whole world can check on Santa via NORAD’s satellites and Santa cams.

NORAD isn’t the only organization tracking Santa this season. Finnair, which claims to be the official airline of Santa Claus since 1983, has two of its Airbus 321 Sharklet aircraft flying with Christmas livery.

Official airline of Santa Claus_edited

The airline also is also sharing this “secret of Christmas” video.

Giant chocolate tower at Dubai International Airport

Courtesy- Dubai International Airport

Courtesy- Dubai International Airport

No nibbling…

An all-chocolate version of the world’s tallest skyscraper – Burj Khalifa – is on display on Concourse A in Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport.

The tower is just over 44-feet-tall and was created by Master Chocolatier Andrew Farrugia as part of the 43rd UAE National Day celebrations at Dubai Airports in hopes of breaking a Guinness World Record.

More than 9,000 pounds of high quality Belgian chocolate and 1,050 hours of teamwork went into making the tower, which will be on display for two weeks.

Farrugia, who has worked in the pastry and baking field for the past 32 years, is no stranger to giant chocolate sculptures. In November, 2012 he set a Guinness World Record in Brussels, when he built an chocolate steam train 111 feet long.

At Dusseldorf Airport: pick a card, any card

Bryan Berg – a Guinness World Record holder for cardstacking – paid a visit to Dusseldorf Airport recently and built the New York skyline in the terminal.


The project was an advertisement for an IT company in  Cologne, and included glue-less structures of the Freedom Tower, the Statue of liberty, Yankee Stadium, the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building.

Berg used 103.950 cards to build the skyline and, just to be sure no one topples it over, the card city sits inside a glass box.

Look for it at Düsseldorf Airport until the end of February.


Dus card 2

Win an Airbnb stay in a converted KLM airplane

Now here’s a great way to spend the Thanksgiving weekend: inside an “airplane apartment.”

klm shleve

From now through November 20, you can enter a contest to win an overnight stay – on November 28, 29 or 30 – inside a recently retired KLM MD-11 airplane parked next to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.

The plane has been turned into an apartment with 116 windows, large living room, a master bedroom, an extra room with two beds, a kitchen and eight (!) small bathrooms. There’s also Wi-Fi, library, first class chairs, a game console and plenty to see outside the cockpit window.


Sound like the kind of Airbnb digs you might like to try out?

The KLM contest will pick one winner for each of the three nights and each winner may bring up to three guests. Even better: winners also get roundtrip flights on KLM to Amsterdam and a 500 EUR Airbnb gift card.

If you win a night on the airplane there will some rules:

*No flying.
*Don’t use the inflatable emergency slide.
*Smoking is not allowed when the non-smoking sign is on.
*No marshmallow roasting with the jet engines.

There’s more information – and details on entering the contest – in the Airbnb listing.

Brisbane Airport ready for G20 Leaders’ Summit

The G20 Leaders’ Summit is taking place in Brisbane, Australia this week and that means regular commercial flights are likely to be delayed as preference is given to the movement of airplanes carrying world leaders.

To entertain delayed travelers, Brisbane Airport is offering a variety of free activities and amenities, including stations where passengers can take selfies with a panorama of the visiting dignitaries.

There will also be theater performances, G20 flag tattoo give-aways and free coffee with Tim Tams – a very popular Australian chocolate biscuit.

tim tam

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