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O’Hare Airport Terminal 5 gets a makeover

This week Chicago’s O’Hare Airport is celebrating the completion of a two-year, much-needed, $26 million project to renovate and update International Terminal 5.

Here’s a splashy video about the terminal put together by Westfield, the terminal developer, followed by a story I put together about the completion of the terminal renovations that posted first on the Runway Girl Network.

ORD Food Court Before T5

Before the terminal upgrade began, just about all of the dining and retail options in T5 were located pre-security, which made it hard for travelers to feel at ease taking advantage of any dining and shopping option before passing through the security checkpoint and heading for their flights.

Now it’s a completely different story:

ORD Goddess and Grocer

The Goddess & Grocer, a locally-owned and operated gourmet deli working in partnership with Metropolis Coffee Company, a local, small batch coffee roaster, is now the main pre-security dining venue. On the menu: deli sandwiches, ready-made salads, handmade chocolates, cookies and other desserts that can be eaten there – with friends or family members who have come to the airport to see you off – or packed to take with you on the plane.


There a completely reconfigured TSA checkpoint that’s “more streamlined and easier to get through,” said Karen Pride of the Chicago Department of Aviation and, just beyond that, a 10,000 square-foot, pass-through duty free shop like those that now seem standard in many European airports.

Inside the terminal, travelers will find a wide variety of new restaurants and retail shops, including many Chicago brands. There are also redesigned public spaces and many welcome new amenities.


The airport’s branch of XpresSpa is here offering massages, manicures, pedicures, facials and hot shaves. A wide variety of bath and body care products are also available for purchase and include Chicago-based Abbey Brown Soaps and the Beelove line of lip balm and skin care products, which are made with some of the honey from an apiary on airport property.

The restrooms pre and post-security have all been updated and there is now plenty of lounge-style seating throughout the common areas equipped with power outlets and USB ports for charging devices.

Expanded dining options include a food court, or “dining lounge,” with three quick-serve outlets: Wow Bao (Asian dishes with modern flair), Urban Olive (fresh salads) and R.J. Grunts Burger & Fries, and, for sit-down meals, a branch of the popular downtown Chicago restaurant, Hub 51.

Wow Bao - a new Asian cuisine option in Terminal 5 at ORD_photo Harriet Baskas

Other food outlets in the terminal now include Big Bowl (potstickers, noodle and stir fry dishes, salads, etc. with an emphasis on locally-sourced ingredients), Tocco (a wine bar and Italian eatery), a branch of Tortas Frontera by Chicago chef Rick Bayless (popular elsewhere in the airport) and Kofe powered by Intelligentsia (gourmet coffee and tea, light fare).

Shoppers will be able to browse the offerings from Salvatore Ferragamo, Michael Kors, Vosge Haut-Chocolate, I Love Chicago, Swatch, Emporio Armani, Hudson (newsstand and travel essentials) and others.

The new shops, retail outlets and fresh amenities at Chicago’s International Terminal 5 have been gently rolling out during the past two years. But now that the final pieces are in place, there does seem like there’s plenty to celebrate and enjoy.

(My story about O’Hare Airport’s Terminal 5 upgrade first appeared on the Runway Girl Network.)

Snack Saturday at Hong Kong Int’l Airport

During a recent tour of Hong Kong International Airport, I came across too many good things to eat.

There were complimentary drinks at the bar set up outside the Duty Free store and plenty of candy, cookies and light snacks. Hungry?



Noodle Bar at Cathay Pacific Lounge

Noodle Bar at Cathay Pacific Lounge (The Wing)


Airports celebrate Pi Day and Popcorn Lover’s Day

Airports had some fun with a couple of offbeat holidays this week:

Thursday, March 13, was Worldwide Popcorn Lover’s Day and as part of the celebration the Kindness Team at Reno-Tahoe International Airport handed out free bags of fresh, hot popcorn to passengers.

 reno popcorn day

Friday  March 14, was National Pi Day – the day set aside to honor the symbol used in mathematics to represent the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, which is approximately 3.14159.

To celebrate Pi Day, staff and volunteers at St-Pete Clearwater International Airport in Florida handed out slices of pie to passengers.


PIE airport celebrates Pi Day with free pie

pie osu

OSU Special Collections via Flicker Commons


March 14 is Pi Day, a day set aside to celebrate the mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter and is approximately equal to 3.14159… (it has been calculated to 1 trillion digits).

Pi Day will be also celebrated this year at Florida’s St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport, which has the airport code PIE.

From 1 p.m. until 3:14 p.m. the airport will be handing out pieces of strawberry and Key Lime pie to passengers, meeters and greeters and anyone who happens to be passing by.


Drive-through cone & gumball oranges

I don’t even like soft-serve ice-cream, but lined up anyway at this cone-shaped ice-cream shop in an Orlando mall parking lot.

Drive through cone

Ditto on gum balls. No interest in getting a gum ball out of a machine – but could not resist this bag of bubble gum “oranges” at the Southwest Florida International Airport.

gum all oranges


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