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Thanks for your interest in my work and the Stuck at the Airport site. If you’d like to advertise here or become a sponsor, please get in touch with me at: hbaskas (at) gmail (dot) com.

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My Web site: I write the weekly Well Mannered Traveler column on and a monthly “At the Airport” column on Both columns link to the Stuck at the Airport site. My travel writing articles also appear on, AAA Journey, and various other sites and my by-line always includes a link or at least a mention of this site. So there’s a very good chance that if you put an ad here, plenty of people will see it.

At Stuck at The Airport, I write about airports and air travel. But because most people actually leave the airport if they can, I also include fun stuff about hotels and hotel amenities, nearby dining venues, and attractions and museums (especially unusual, offbeat museums) that make traveling the thrill we wish it would always be.

My Google page ranking is five.

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Rates are calculated on a monthly basis (discounts are offered with a multiple month purchase).  I use certain sizes that fit either in the sidebar or in the posts section of a page. The widths are set at the maximum size that the layout can accept. They can vary in width (they can be smaller than the max), but maximizing the width works to your benefit, of course, because you are paying for the full width. And heights are calculated so that if they go over a set height (for instance, if you have an ad 126px high, you’ll have to bump up to the next category of 175px).

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Want to be part of this? Contact me for a rate sheet and about placing a travel-related advertisement on this site at: hbaskas (at) gmail (dot) com.

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