The airport runway: a thing of beauty?

Do you find beauty in airport runways?

Jerome Daksiewicz does.

ORD Runways

He got the idea for the Airport Runway Screenprint Series while working on an architectural project and stumbling across an aerial imagery of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport on Google Earth.

“I simply redrew Sky Harbor, vectorizing the runways and taxiways, then redrew Los Angeles International Airport and Chicago O’Hare,” said Daksiewicz. He let those sit a while and then went back and made runway diagrams for MSP, SFO, LHR, ATL and others.

SFO Runways

Why runways?

“I like how the runways are so purely functional, disregarded by the beauty and attention of multimillion dollar terminals; many of them considered architectural masterpieces. I like how the runways themselves are interconnected and defined by the context of their cities, such as DEN’s weather and wind patterns. And I like how airports are our new gateways: runway concrete or asphalt connecting our cities as the airplane’s wheels first and last points of contact between our destinations.”

Daksiewicz has posted all his airport runway diagrams on the NOMO Design website, where he’s also offering them for sale.

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