Greetings from … the airport bathroom

Actually, greetings from Boston and the conference of Airports Council International World/North America.

I spent the day roaming the exhibit hall in search of new services and amenities that might make a difference for folks stuck at the airport.

The good news: there are some intriguing new products and services coming to an airport near you.

The bad news: it may take a while for some of the best new ideas to actually get installed at an airport near you.

Let’s hope these two items (from two different companies) spread like…germs.

The Hygolet: automatic sanitary plastic seat covers. Brilliant.

(Candy-filled toilet for display only …)

Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer – super fast, super sanitary, (sort of loud) no-touch hand-dryer.

I’ve seen both of these products in a few airports (and hotels and restaurants) and the reps for each company promised to send me a full list of airport clients soon. In the meantime, if you’ve spotted these at your airport, let me know.

More from the exhibit hall tomorrow…

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One Response to “Greetings from … the airport bathroom”

  1. I’ve seen those toilets before, but I’m trying to remember where. I think it was O’Hare. I thought it was really weird.

    The Dyson Airblade I used at the Providence Place Mall and I think it’s amazing. I’ve never liked hand dryers, but this one actually works. I don’t think it’s as loud as those Xcelerator ones, or whatever they’re called. I hope to see them in more places.

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