Votes on in-flight cell-phone service

More than 2800 people have voted, so far, in the survey about in-flight cell-phone service that accompanies one of my recent Well-Mannered Traveler columns on MSNBC.

The results? 64% say “In-flight text and e-mail service is great, but please no phone calls!”

So I’m not that surprised at the results of a recent Harris survey conducted by Yahoo! on the same subject:

74% of the 2,000 consumers polled for that survey say “mobile phone usage on airplanes should be restricted to features that do not require talking.”

But never say never: The survey showed that “If usage of mobile phones was allowed while in-flight, more than two out of three (69 percent) consumers agreed that there should be a designated area of an airplane for passengers who want to talk on their mobile phones.”

For more numbers and details see the full Yahoo release.